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Steph Curry Lived Out His Dream Of Being Featured In A Rap Video, Good To See He's Improved Since His Legendary College Showing

Full Song: 

I don't care what Steph Curry does for the rest of his life in the music world, whenever I see him associated with it all I can think of is his legendary college rap. I mean, it's reached the point where it's so goddamn bad and corny that it might be great. 

And then take one second and realize this guy became a cold-blooded killer in the NBA. This guy became the best shooter we've ever seen in basketball. This guy became one of the greatest players in the history of the game: 

This is the guy who starts shimmying when the ball is in the air on a shot. That's the biggest upset in Steph's life. Not that he made the NBA. I mean, he's Dell's son. But the fact he became an elite shit talker. 

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This song is apparently tied to his documentary:

[Source] - These two are a fitting unison, brought together by Curry’s new documentary, “Underrated.” Tobe was tabbed to make the featured song, called “Lil Fish, Big Pond,” for the Apple TV+ film.

Obviously he didn't write his own lines, or let alone rap them. His job was just be in the video and lip sync. Not a bad gig. I know what he's trying to say with the line 'Daddy taught me how to flick my wrist, I'm my father's son' in terms of Dell being a great shooter. But, uh, yeah man everyone is their father's son. Just a hilarious line when you see Steph rapping about him being an elite shooter. And by Steph rapping, I mean him lip syncing. 

I saw WSD put this tweet out earlier: 

Thought about responding with Steph. I mean the dude is a great golfer, has basketball, probably can act but then I saw the music. Dream achieved, but it doesn't mean it's great. What this really does is just remind me that we need to bring back NFL players on NFL Jams like the cds in the 1990s.