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Kevin Durant Showed Up To A Tennis Tournament In DC To Support Frances Tiafoe And He Was Seemingly Not On This Planet

I know when someone is toasted and KD was TOASTED. Sunglasses in the middle of the night is a wild move by him but I respect it. Not a sunlight in sight. KD just out there doing side quests in the offseason. Any press is good press for tennis, so shoutout to KD for going to support his fellow DMV boy Frances Tiafoe who is one of the best American players on tour right now. 

This was KD when they asked him to do the post match interview with Tiafoe:

It's sorta funny how the tennis world operates in a completely different spectrum than other sports, because most tennis fans are like uhhh who is this guy:

That's one of the greatest scorers in NBA history! Put some respect on KD. Regardless, this influx of NBA stars that started with Dirk and Jimmy Butler becoming tennis fans is awesome for the growth of the sport in the US. We're only a few weeks out from the US Open in NYC and Tiafoe had a magical run that ended in the semifinals to the eventual champ last year. No better time to hop on the tennis train.