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Cross This Off The Bingo Card Of Crazy Shit You Have Seen In New York City ... A Man Balances A Couch On His Head

I really thought I saw it all in the streets of New York. I thought all the wacky shit was done. I thought that even in this city the wow factor was over. Once again, I was proven wrong. When I had my guard down someone came and slipped in a preposterous act I couldn't see coming. 

We got a guy dancing with a couch on his damn head. I’m not even going to glorify how impressive a feat this is. Which as much as it pains me to admit it, it is a very impressive feat. Instead I’m going to ask how this guy learned he could do this? Did he start with folding chairs and then upgrade to couches? Was it an act of desperation that he had to win a bet from someone who said he couldn’t ? Is he just a freak athlete? I need to know how you can go from seeing a couch on the street in a garbage pile to saying “I want to learn how to balance that couch on my head.” Lastly, did he take his lumps during the process? Did he just mail it from the get go? I doubt it. I imagine  there was a few drops or worse a few sides of the couch to the face. Credit to this guy for taking his lumps and still perfecting the craft. 

As if balancing it went enough, he also knows how to do it on a bicycle. 

You know this isn’t the only party trick this guy has. I need a full on investigation / show of this guy and all his talents. People like this don’t just stop at balancing a couch on their head. They juggle swords, they eat nails etc. Need more of this guy and all his lunacy.