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It Took Less Than a Week for the UFO Whistleblower Investigation to Degenerate Into Bureaucratic Chaos

Drew Angerer. Getty Images.

In a way, I'm ashamed to admit this, but I fell for it yet again. I bought into the hype. In a classic example of optimism triumphing over experienced, I put my faith in the government of the United States. And I'm deeply embarrassed to have to say that in public. 

Somewhat in fairness to me though, it seemed reasonable to think that, if ever there was one issue that could bring the various factions of the federal bureaucracy together to work for the common good, it would be UFOs. More specifically, credible whistleblowers coming forward with sworn testimony that the government is in possession of downed alien craft, and has recovered "non-human biologics." But it wasn't reasonable. It was naive in the extreme. 

The hearings that began a week ago, and the stunning testimony of former top intelligence official David Grusch didn't inspire our leaders and federal UFO researchers to come together in the spirit of cooperation to reveal further truths. All it's accomplished is to inspire other government officials to revert to their default setting of grandstanding, covering things up, calling each other liars, defending their own turf, and going full Governor LePetomane:

Daily Mail - The head of the Pentagon's UFO office has slammed Wednesday's shocking congressional hearing in which three whistleblowers claimed they had firsthand encounters or knowledge about secret government programs involving technology that is 'non-human.'

Sean Kirkpatrick issued a statement Friday denying some of the witnesses' claims – drawing a fiery rebuke from lawmakers. …

[I]n his statement Kirkpatrick called the testimony 'insulting' and claims Grusch was 'never a representative' to his unit, officially called the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). …

Kirkpatrick, in a personal statement reportedly posted on his LinkedIn page, slammed the hearing, saying he was 'deeply disappointed at the denigration' of civil and Defense staff.

'I cannot let yesterday's hearing pass without sharing how insulting it was to the officers of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community,' he wrote.

'To be clear, AARO has yet to find any credible evidence to support the allegations of any reverse engineering program for non-human technology.'

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, who was instrumental in organizing Wednesday's congressional hearing, ripped into Kirkpatrick for criticizing the hearing's witnesses, including two former Navy pilots who encountered strange objects over the ocean moving in ways that 'defy physics'.

'That's crazy to me that they would even try to discredit them,' the Florida Republican told in an exclusive interview.

A couple of things. First, what is the head of an important office like the AARO - a unit put together for the vital task of uncovering the truth about the most important issue in human history - doing releasing this on his LinkedIn, and not making it an official statement of his governmental agency? Was he not in the mood for putting on his Instagram Stories or his MySpace page? Unless I miss my guess, Grusch was sworn in by Congress, thereby making his statements under the pains and penalties of perjury. While the guy calling him a lying liar who tells lies did so on a site most known for the biggest lies we all tell: On our resumes. 

Second, let's hear it for Representative Luna. This firebrand is fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way:

As I said with respect to Rep. Nancy Mace:

… if the aliens say, "Take me to your leader," I'm nominating them. Moving on …

It now appears that if Kirkpatrick thought he could discredit Grusch's testimony with the equivalent of a Facebook post and enjoy the backing of the people who employ him, he's got another thing coming:

Fox News - Behind-the-scenes tensions appear to be boiling to the surface after last week's congressional hearing on UFOs after a top Pentagon official's "personal opinion" ripping the witnesses' testimonies became public. 

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said the hearing "was insulting" to the officers in the Department of Defense and intelligence community who joined AARO. …

AARO's top man's comments are his "personal opinions expressed in his capacity as a private citizen," DoD spokesperson Susan Gough said in an email to Fox News Digital. "We won't comment directly on the contents of the post."

All of which gets further complicated by the contradictory accounts from both men. From the same article:

He went on to say a "central source of those allegations" refused to speak to AARO. The statement didn't specifically mention Grusch, but it was clear that's who he referred to.

Grusch said in interviews and during the congressional hearing that Kirkpatrick or AARO never spoke to him or reached out to him.

So either Kirkpatrick or Grusch is, in fact, lying. And my money is on the guy who's facing perjury charges and jail time if he doesn't tell the truth, and not the guy who took to the internet. 

Besides all that, there are statutes in place protecting whistleblowers from exactly these sorts of allegations. Kirkpatrick is indignant that Grusch would dare suggest his agency has been dropping the UFO ball. But questioning a witnesses sworn testimony isn't doing the whole concept of blowing whistles any favors, either. 

So what do we conclude from all this? A few things. One, the very office that was formed for the sole purpose of presenting the truth to the taxpayers who fund it either doesn't know the fact or is not telling. The guy who Congress recruited to testify what he knows never met with the AARO. The head of the AARO is calling him a liar, but choosing the most spineless, chickenshit way to do so. His bosses at the Defense Department don't have his back. Meaning the operation that was supposed to get us closer to the truth has already crashed like a UFO into the Roswell wilderness. 

There's another theory that I've been seeing more and more on the internet. And re-reading that last paragraph is starting to convince me there could be some truth to it. And the hypothesis is that this whole UFO phenomenon of the last few years is all one giant Psy-Op. That it's been concoted to distract us from the fact everyone - and I mean everyone - in DC is a thieving kleptocrat robbing us all blind while democracy swirls the drain and the Great American Experiment fails at last. I hope it's wrong. But it's never felt more plausible than it does right now.