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Remember That 1 Of 1 One Ring Magic: The Gathering Card? Post Malone Just Purchased It For $2.6 Million

I wrote a blog about a month ago about the king of the nerds who pulled a 1 of 1 Magic: The Gathering card that was valued at an estimated $2 million:

Well, a month later, "avid MTG" player Post Malone just bought it for $2.6 million. What a day for that random player who bought a pack of trading cards just to be a couple million richer a month later. Thank god that it was a random dude who pulled it and not one of those cringe card breaking companies that would likely have terrorized that poor card for the next few years until they sold it for a crazy price. Post Malone is currently on tour and a fan brought him a pack of cards for him to sign, and he almost leaked that he bought the holy grail:

So that technically makes Post Malone King of the Nerds which is a fitting title because he's got a zillion dollars to be able to afford shit like this. Pay to win but congrats to Post and the random fella in what is the biggest story of the year in the gaming nerd trading card world.