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Football Guy: Wisconsin OC Phil Longo Says The Things He Loves Most After His Wife And Kids Are Slot Receivers

This got my juices flowing for college football. We've got teams reporting for fall camp and coaches saying shit like how their love for slot receivers is matched only by their love for their wives and children. When you see quotes like that on the timeline, you know it's time to lock in for the season.

Phil Longo is in his first year at Wisconsin under new head coach Luke Fickell and he's setting the tone early for what the new brand of Badger football is going to look like. Gone are the days of the huge offensive linemen and bell cow running back in Madison. If you want to play on this team, you better be able to line up in the slot and take a linebacker for a ride because that's what Coach Longo loves more than anything in the world outside of his wife and kids.

If you're a Wisconsin receiver fighting for a job this fall, this quote has to get you fired up. You know what you need to do if you want to play, now you just have to line up and do it. That's all you can ask for.

I'm just a couple more ridiculous coach quotes away from shaking violently in anticipation of college football.