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Incredible Moment In The Fat Man Fight Of The Year - Guy Keeps Throwing Punches As His Pants Fall To His Ankles, Ass Hanging Out For All To See

[Post] - Several husky men began slugging it out inside the World’s Largest Jewelry Exchange at 55 West 47th St. Monday with one fighter’s pants ending up around his ankles when one video of the fight cuts in.

The man who had lost his pants then almost lost them again when they nearly fell under his butt before he quickly tugged them up, footage shows.

“I guess what happened was his pants were a little loose on him, I guess when he got pushed his pants came down,” witness, Aaron, owner of exchange-based Jewels of NYC, told The Post Tuesday.

“I feel bad now that I think about it, but it was funny while we saw it.”

“And we look up and we see a bunch of people just going at it,” he told The Post, adding the brawlers seemed to know each other and appeared to have a simmering beef with each other.

Here's another full video - click here

Holy shit I don't think I've laughed like that in a long time. The husky fella losing his pants not once, but twice! I mean, sure, I don't want to see that ass shaking around at any time of the day, let alone when you realize the man is freeballing in jeans in 90 degree heat. My man, you can't do that when you're out in the diamond district. Have some class and invest in the belt that works or some underwear, anything to prevent a dick shake punch. 

I do have plenty of questions. Why the fight? Apparently they knew each other, did they just happen to bump into each other at the Diamond District and decide to start fighting? I appreciate the classy meetup even if it's highlighted by back hair. Seriously man, go get that shit ripped off or something. That's too much back hair. You gotta be a little self-conscious when you rip your shirt off and that's what people see. I mean, yuck. 

Credit to this group though. They took a halftime break to clear out the women because you never know when one of those haymakers from Thor's hammer comes flying through. Some may say it was a break just to catch some oxygen. I say you try avoiding punches that make Terrence Crawford's Saturday night look easy. 

I just need to know how the pants fall down like that. Again, freeballing in jeans in August? No man, that's asking for sweat. That's a man you don't want to fuck with even if he looks like he'd lose to the Somalian 100 yard dash going viral today. If you see a man, jeans around the ankles, dick and balls swaying to and fro, do not and I mean do not engage in a fight with him. Just a decent rule to live by.