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There Have Been More Bets Placed On Justin Fields To Win The MVP (+2000) Than Mahomes, Josh Allen, And Justin Herbert COMBINED

The hype train is leaving the station. I was STUNNED when I read this stat this morning. Even with Chicago being a huge city in a legalized gambling state the chatter with Bears fans in general has been cautiously optimistic. I doubt the entire MVP vote handle has been swung by the most optimistic of Bears fans. There has to be people across this great nation believing in Fields. Orlovsky made a compelling case for Fields yesterday on ESPN

Year 2 is huge. It's not just year 2 for Fields. It's year 2 for Claypool, Mooney, Kmet, etc in this offensive system too. Moore makes everyone better and gives all the other guys a more appropriate role against lighter coverage. The offensive line should be improved. Orlovsky said top half of the league. A line in the top half of the league should be plenty for arguably the most athletic QB in the NFL. MVP talk feels a little crazy and premature to me, but it's not the worst future I've ever seen at +2000. 

I am addicted to watching Fields highlights from across the facility at training camp though. I will admit that

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