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Tony Soprano's Original Boat "The Stugots" Is For Sale For $299k, Russian Mistress Is Not Included

NYPost - Fans of “The Sopranos” can set sail on the infamous boat the show’s patriarch rode. The Stugots, which Tony Soprano used to fish — and perform other tasks — is currently up for grabs.

United Yacht Sales is asking $299,000 for the 1999 Cape Fear 47 Never Enough boat, which includes two staterooms and two heads (toilets) and has twin 625-horsepower Detroit Diesel engines.

Though the boat only appeared in season 1, producers of “The Sopranos” got a little life out of The Stugots. It’s where Tony Soprano, portrayed by the late James Gandolfini, took his Russian mistress.

This story sent me down a Youtube rabbit hole watching old season 1 clips of the Sopranos. Not the worst way to start a Wednesday. But every so often a piece of Sopranos memorabilia hits the market and I always think to myself "fuggetaboutit!" 

$299k for a boat that has been passed around more than Tony's Russian mistress feels like quite a hefty price. Then again I'm not Darren Rovell who would probably yank his little meat stick raw inside this thing and then park it smack dab in the middle of a memorabilia convention just to tell people it's not for sale. 

I was actually kind of surprised this was Tony's original boat, which only lasted one season before he upgraded. This feels like something your co-worker from the power plant would invite you out on. You tell your wife you're going to fish for walleye with Larry from work when you both know all you're going to do is pound some ice cold pops and bitch about your old ball and chain. 

I found another Cape Fear 47 for sale and it's going for $229k so the Tony Soprano markup is apparently about $70k.

For $70k you get the boat Tony references in one of the most bad ass hits to take place in the entire Sopranos series. Chucky Signore, who was tasked with the hit on Tony from Uncle Junior, takes a chest full of hot ones from Tony himself after he pulls the gun from the mouth of a fish.

"Taking the Stugots, putting it in the marina next door." Legendary scene.

If I owned this boat I'd use that line every time someone pissed me off. 

But perhaps what the boat is most well know for is being the place Tony used to break off his little smoke show Russian side piece Irina Peltsin. She was the one who loved Tony almost as much as she loved vanilla Stoli. Not the one legged Russian chick, that was her cousin.

Anyway, Irina was in some pretty infamous scenes but none better than when she went toe-to-toe with Tony's Polish maid after calling the house.

I wish that convo between Irina and the maid was like five minutes longer. Absolutely hilarious. 

Irinia was played by Oksana Lada who is now 47 but still an absolute rocket. She doesn't come with your purchase of The Stugots but her IG is still worth a look. She still gets the old dinghy going.