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We Were So Close To Having The Most Fun Bad Hockey Team Ever In Chicago This Year

This clip got my hyped for the future of the Blackhawks even though Lucic didn't end up coming here. 

Bedard...a draw

Logo...a draw

City...a draw

Guys are going to want to play here again. I think eventually Luke Richardson will be a draw as well too. This team is obviously still a ways away from being a contender, but once it starts to click the Blackhawks will be able to pour gasoline on this team because of everything Lucic just said. 

I was salivating at the idea of the Blackhawks signing Lucic though. Can you imagine how much fun this team would be in 2023-24 if they were able to get a deal done? Hall and Bedard wheeling around making highlight reel plays on a nightly basis and then Lucic, Perry, and Foligno on your 4th line just beating people up. If you're going to be bad that is the way to do it. Lose every game 5-3, but win two fights per night. It'd be like watching hockey in a time machine for a year. Back to the way it was when we were kids. Guaranteed to have a couple of moments per night that get your out of your seat. If you're going to be bad at least make it fun. Lucic would've added to the fun as a fan. (The people who say fighting isn't great or exciting in hockey are lying to you and themselves)

The fun is coming though. Nazar feels like he's ready to make up for lost time and he's killing everyone this summer

Bedard, Nazar. Moore, and Reichel in the top 6. Find a couple of big boys to round out those lines and hit go on the '24-'25 wild card chase.