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Somali "Athlete" Gets DUSTED Beyond Belief By The Entire Field At The World University Games Due to Some Good Ole Fashioned Family Corruption

Goodness gracious. That might be the most lopsided defeat that these eyes have ever seen. When the camera scans the competitors and lands on this poor woman, you gotta brace for impact. You can see it developing. You can feel the rush of adrenaline. You can taste the dread but then the hammer falls down on the starting pistol and the only thing left is fate. 

The push-off happens and in the next 2 seconds, she somehow is one hundred miles behind the next person. 

Ah there it is. There's the reason. Her uncle is one of the folks who is in charge of picking the athletes and I kinda think it was a sneaky move. You see, if you love a member of your family, you don't send them out to the goddamn wolves at the World University Championships which I've certainly heard of and watch every year. Nope. You look your niece in the eye and say, "Have you lost your mind? These women will dust you to within an inch of your life. 

But if you hate her. If you hate her and think that she is entitled and needs to be taken down about six million pegs, you sign her up to be ridiculed by as many people as possible. 

Or, maybe she came in last in their fantasy football league and this was her punishment? If so, what a move. God that would suck but that's what happens with high-stakes fantasy football, so if you can't stand the heat, stay outta the first heat at the World University Championships presented by China. It's as simple as that.