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Who Died And Allowed Nick Castellanos To Hit A Game Winning Homerun Tonight?

Correct answer is the Mets (actually RIP Angus, Tony Bennett, and Paul Reubens). Even David Robertson couldn't wash the stench of failure off of him enough to secure a save for his new Fish. Nick Castellanos was 0-3 going into the AB and 1 for his last freaking 22. Dude has been STRUGGLING. But hopefully no more. 

0-1 going into the 9th with the Phillies getting dickstomped by Cy Young Alacantra all night. All it took was a Schwarber great lead off walk, Bryce being damn Bryce, and Nicky Sticks going ham to secure The Fightins' 26th comeback win of the year.  Beautiful stuff, Nick. Now go find your way into a Miami club where Bald Paul can buy you a drink on his Sugar Portnoy's tab. You earned it.