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Brian Cashman Chose To "Stay The Course" And Didn't Buy Or Sell At The Trade Deadline, As He Continues To Run The Yankees Into The Ground

Rich Schultz. Getty Images.

The trade deadline came and went for the New York Yankees. The team currently sits outside of the playoff picture and heading into today was in desperate need of a shake-up. Brian Cashman looked at the situation and decided to sit on his hands. This is all he could manage to come up with. 

Could you imagine being the graphics guy making that above tweet? Holy hell what a joke. 

I'm not sitting here screaming that they didn't get Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani. I'm saying it's impossible to look at this roster, see what they've done, and fail to address anything. It's malpractice. 

You either look at this team and say, "hey Aaron Judge just came back, the WC is still attainable, let's find a way to give them a bit of a push offensively." That would involve going into the market and finding a left fielder. They've gone years without a competent one and are currently sending out infielders to manage the position. Don't you think that warrants a move? If you believe they can make a playoff push that would be the case. Outside of Aaron Judge and Jake Bauers the Yankees don't have a hitter with a .750 OPS. Maybe go get someone to help that part of your time that's so desperately struggled. 

The other side of the coin would be selling, and by that I'm not saying trade Gerrit Cole. The Yankees have players to offer to real contenders: Gleyber Torres, Harrison Bader, Wandy Peralta, IKF, Clay Holmes, Michael King. Those guys won't light the world on fire with their returns, but you could get back something. Well, Cashman held those guys in way too high of regard for other team's liking. 

An example of this comes from what they reportedly asked the Marlins for in exchange for Gleyber. Braxton Garrett, Edward Cabrera, AND two prospects. Of course they told Cashman to go fuck himself. That's not a real conversation when you're asking that much for Gleyber, who has a 104 OPS+ entering today. 

You have to do something, though. Improve the hitting or sell-off some guys that aren't going to be part of your future. The Yankees are below .500 this year when they play teams who are not the Royals or A's. Over the last 200 games they're a .500 team. There's no hoping this roster magically becomes great. You have two amazing players in Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge. Everything other than that is mostly garbage with a Brian Cashman mistake written all over it. That is obvious to see. Even the casual fan recognizes how flawed this roster is. At least the Mets were able to figure that out, swallow their pride, and go into rebuild mode. They realized their mistake and opted to correct it. Cashman's ego gets in the way of all of that. He thinks because he assembled this team they have to see it through. Somehow the recent years' results aren't obvious enough to address. 

Instead this is what he says post-deadline. 

TWO PITCHERS! You have a bottom five offense in baseball that gets dominated by even the shittiest of arms in the league and you're trying to sell us on a starting pitcher and a reliever returning off the IL. Did you not watch Gerrit Cole shove in Baltimore on Friday only to see the team lose 1-0? It's been that way all season long. Did you not see this team get demolished by the Astros in the ALCS last year? They like to say the postseason is a crapshoot, you just gotta get in. So why has the rest of the league done laps around you over the years? Ever come to think what you're doing, your entire philosophy, just isn't working? 

I'm so tired of it, man. They're so arrogant and lost in their ways. They have zero direction as an organization. They are so far removed from the Evil Empire that they once were and it all starts and stops with Brian Cashman. Hal just gave him a fresh 4 year deal in the offseason and has no means of moving on from him. They just don't care while the fans care too much. I'm at fault for that. 

I doubt you want to hear me rant about all this, but in the rare case you do here were my thoughts walking home today. 

For the first time in a very long time I have no interest in going to Yankee games. You couldn't drag me there. Why? To see this train wreck in person? I barely want to watch them on TV. I still tune in because I'm a sick individual, but even that is waning by the second. Isn't that the whole idea, though? Shouldn't they want to put a good product on the field to excite the fans? Watching this shit night after night isn't enough to see that's not the case? It's fucking embarrassing. 

I should be calling out Chaim Bloom calling the Sox "underdogs" and doing nothing himself despite having the playoffs within reach, but I don't have it in me. 

I have no grounds to do that. The Yankees are in last place and their GM believes staying the course with this group will lead to success. He sat at his press conference today with a straight face and said, "hopefully we got a little better with Middleton," as he summarized his day of work. They're all trolling us. 

As long as he's the GM of this team they have no chance. 

P.S. If you noticed I didn't mention Hal in this long winded rant. It's not that I excuse him because I definitely don't, but Brian Cashman has been given a $280M payroll only to turn it into this. He is by far the biggest problem. I suppose Hal's refusal to fire him is actually the number one issue, technically. Pick your poison I suppose.