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It’s a Bad Idea to Try And Set High MPH Record at Bowlero

Just another Tuesday night with the pals at Bowlero . After the first game it was very clear I was not going to win the high score. On a very casual comment I said “you know what would be cool, if they had a reader for MPH on here.” Little did I know there was one in the corner. 

For the record, out of myself, Glenny, Marty and Tommy I did have the top 5 fastest throws. I will not comment on if I used the 6 Lb ball and went extra ham and didn’t try to hit the pins just throw it hard. No comment. 

Anyway… towards the end of the 2nd game I was gearing up even harder and trying for the elusive 25mph on the gun. Well that was a really bad idea as it turns out. It’s also an even worse idea for a guy with a bad back as Big Ev pointed out … 

On a much more positive note … I put up 97 on Pop a shot earlier in the night . Then they evened out the balls and I cooled off. 

All in all a good night. Join us soon for the Bowlero event in Chicago. And use code Barstool at Bowlero dot com for 15% off your next reservation.