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Houston Texans PR Team Spikes Ball On Journalist Who Complained About Media's Treatment At Training Camp

Alex Bierens de Haan. Getty Images.

Last year John McClain retired after a whopping 47 years at the Houston Chronicle, but that hasn't stopped the former NFL reporter from getting his gripes off. 

His Tweet (Xeet?) poking at the air conditioned Queen of the McNair clan got the Houston Texans PR team hot and bothered enough to send this reponse:

"There's LITERALLY an AC tent for media, too, John. Go back to yelling at the clouds."

I feel like McClain's complaint is the equivalent of someone shitting on Sister Jean for no reason. Who would do that?! I mean, come on… Look at this woman. Cute as a button. Dare I say cute as two buttons. Even if the media didn't get air conditioned tents, could you really be annoyed that EIGHTY SIX YEAR OLD Janice McNair isn't sweltering on the sidelines as she watches her beloved team?

Trask Smith. Shutterstock Images.

Naturally, the internet was quick to throw in their two cents mostly applauding the Texans PR team & crapping on McClain. Some pointed out the hypocrisy of him working in a climate controlled booth for all the games, many reminded him he was retired now "so go away", and several told him to go bother the Titans instead. 

One answer stood out as the most likely reason for his grumblings in the first place. He was well aware of the AC media tent, but was just bitter that he no longer had access to it…

Whatever the case, he's one of those reporters that's been around the block long enough that I find any malcontent endearing. He's earned his stripes & however many deviled eggs he wants. No word yet on if he'll be allowed back in the tent any time soon.