Steve Cohen's Balls (Testicles) Are Bigger Than Your Head

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Unlimited money. 

We have so many Mets fans at this company and all of them are disappointed for very obvious reasons. I am in no better position than any of them to address the present day fiasco. In simple terms, one of the most disappointing seasons I can recall much less research. I'm most certainly not here to pile on. 

Instead I want to focus my attention as an outsider to Steve Cohen. He's a boundless man in nearly all respects and objectively the wealthiest owner in MLB. He's said and done some crazy shit that's grossly earned our collective respect. He's shattered payroll records, guaranteed championships and relentlessly pursues the highest standards available to the best of his ability. 

The man cuts checks, always. Nothing's off limits when it comes to spending, and that's plenty for most of us when judging his kind. We respect Steve because he owns and spends the way we picture ourselves, fans, spending in the same role. 

I say all this to emphasize that Steve Cohen transcended a completely different level of respect with this deadline. I didn't even think it was possible because it would be such an abject admission of failure. But the man absolutely GUTTED a hand-picked roster to better improve the Mets long-term value. 

That's how little money matters to this man. That's how willing he is to instantly pursue a better plan. The balls it takes to burn it down in the face of such disappointment. The ambivalence to public perception. 

Everything about the Mets 2023 makes me love Steve Cohen even more.

So many owners get pushed around by their collective narrative. So many gutless pussies call the shots across Major League Baseball. Guys forecasting season ticket sales against win/loss projections. Guys moaning and hiding. Moaning and hiding.  

And then there's Steve Cohen, handing away hall of famers as seamlessly as he signed them to historic salaries. 

Spending earns you one class of sentiment. 

Razing to rebuild with urgency takes on a completely different level. He's quite literally doing whatever it takes and that shouldn't be just respected. I say BELOVED. 

The Mets transformed into a top-something farm system in such short order. He opens the door for so much bitching and unhappiness and simply doesn't care. 

Max Scherzer effectively roasted him in his Rangers press conference

Steve could care less. They're on to the next phase of building a winner at the soonest available moment. The absolute soonest, without delay or hesitation. 

The Mets added 9 new prospects to their top 30 this week

The man is a fuckin savage. 

The Mets may suck right now. They may transition in 2024. But Steve Cohen is coming and I am absolutely terrified of what it looks like when they figure it out. 

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