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BREAKING: The Mets Have Traded Justin Verlander To The Astros For Two Prospects

So I guess one way to try to build a winner in baseball is to sign a couple of pitchers around 40 years old for a fuck ton of money and if that doesn't work out, move them for some solid prospects. Granted some of those prospects have to pan out or else all of this is just a giant waste of people's time. But I think every fanbase gets to dream of those prospects working out on the day of the deadline, even us miserable Mets fans. Especially when two of those prospects has a Plus Plus Plus swings (I added to extra Plus because they are THAT good).

I know people will clown the Mets because that's their place in the Circle of Baseball Life. But if they had lost a player to free agency then had to move two of their best prospects to get him back, they would be getting chirped nonstop. Granted being the reigning champions prevents most of the hyenas from laughing at you. Still, the point remains. I will forever love Justin Verlander for helping silence two of the loudest fanbases for Mets fans to deal with and for getting our ever-growing farm system two more studs.


As for the Astros, it's crazy to think we went from Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer having a friendly rivalry being on the same team to having a very much not friendly rivalry being on opposing AL West teams in Texas trying to win the pennant. 

We are breaking everything down as it comes in live on the We Gotta Believe YouTube. 

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