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Nathaniel Hackett Doesn't Even Try To Defend Himself, He's Just Pissed That Sean Payton Broke Some Sort Of 'Coaches' Code' Bullshit

I know we've talked about this story a lot, but we can't help if people keep saying shit about it. But of all things, this might be the dumbest. This even tops Sean Payton's non-apology backtracking. Coach code? What are we doing here? I've said it before and I'll keep saying it whenever I have to. We gotta get rid of all these unwritten rules and codes. There can't be something called coach code when it comes to talking shit. There's no rule against it. There's nothing wrong with it either, even if Sean Payton looks like a dork for doing so. 

The unwritten rules of sports are dumb. The unwritten rules of society are just as dumb. I'll write out a list of society rules if it really comes to it. It's not that hard. Don't be an asshole, don't be an idiot. Those are basically it, just use your brain. This should apply in this situation too. 

That said, I have to laugh that Nathaniel Hackett doesn't go off on Payton. He doesn't even try to defend himself! He just gets all pissy about this coach code thing. That's how you know what Sean Payton said is true, even if it came out nowhere. Hackett's gotta do something here to defend himself. Throw Russell Wilson under the bus. Bring up Bounty Gate. Shit, at least take a shot at Kevin James or his Netflix show at a minimum. 

I'll give Hackett credit for this. He claims he expected it to come up before the game, not now. At least he knew he'd get shit talked at some point. That deserves at least a line of credit to be self-aware, better than most in this situation. But get out of my face with some coaches' code talk. Next up there will be blogger code. That's when we know society has lost its goddamn mind.