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Damar Hamlin Is Back Practicing With The Bills And Already Made A Sweet Interception

Say it along with me everyone:


Looking back, that entire Damar Hamlin situation was truly one of the wildest things to experience as a sports fan. From Damar going down during a live nationally televised game in prime time to millions of dollars being raised for Damar's charity to Damar making a full recovery. Simply seeing Damar back on the field playing a full contact sport like football is one of those things I wasn't sure we'd ever see again, let alone snagging picks in practice. Maybe that's why my dumbass is blogging about Damar Hamlin and he is competing against other superathletes 8 months after being brought back to life. Truly crazy shit, but not as crazy as the people who said Damar had a body double during that playoff game and are probably saying this INT was a PR stunt. We truly live in the most annoying timeline.