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Chinese Zoo Accused Of Putting Humans In Bear Suits After Bear With Flat Dad-Butt Goes Viral

Via Reuters:

Visitor numbers at Hangzhou Zoo have gone up by 30 percent to around 20,000 a day since a video of the Malayan Sun bear, named Angela, became a trending topic on Chinese social media over the weekend, Zhejiang province-based Chao News reported.

This info is huge for anyone with a flat, wrinkly, lil' Hank Hill butt. (Looking at you, dads in the 55 - 85 age range.) People are still way into you, you're a hot ticket item!

The buzz over this bear has been so great that the zoo had to issue a statement that Angela is "definitely not a human".

"Our zoo is government-run, so that kind of situation would not happen," a member of staff said, according to local media. "The temperature in the summer is nearly 40 degrees, if you put on a fur suit, you certainly couldn't last more than a few minutes without lying down."

The part about it being too hot for someone to run around in a full-blown bear suit for that long, I believe. The part about how the zoo couldn't possibly be lying because it's Chinese government run… ehhhh. Looking at the footage again while now knowing the zoo is gov run considered, I've decided I do believe Angela is human. 

And my suspicions are understandably high as this comes on the heels of Border Collie Guy:

Whatever the case, I'd just like to clarify that it's not me in the bear suit as I'm dragging a juicy wagon back there. You just can't see it because of the shadows or something??