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There's Only Room for 1 Smoke Show

Today I announced that my show, "The Smoke Show" will be back on August 7th @ 8PM EST. My show is about Miami Sports, sports in general, and of course sports betting. If that's something that interest you I'll put the link below so you can subscribe.

Back to my story. I dropped the news that The Smoke Show was back and everyone was fired up, myself included. Then, my stage name cousin Tommy Smokes dropped a bomb on me. Basically saying that I stole his identity. This is simply not the case. We're both Smokes, and let's face it, "The Smoke Show" is the best name for anyone that goes by the name Smoke. In all fairness, I didn't even know Tommy had a show. That's not a knock on my cousin, he would probably say the same thing. 

There's only room for 1 Smoke Show. You can't have two people within the same company, that have almost identical names, with the same show title. It's never going to work. X users saw Tommy's tweet and used it as an opportunity to make us fight. I didn't expect anything less from X.

I'm going to be honest with you, me vs Tommy would be unfair. I saw his right hand and I respect it, but I would body him. I'm a golden glove Wii boxer that weighs 125 pounds more than him. However, I would be open to another competition to decide who gets to keep "The Smoke Show" title, but Tommy took the catching flies with honey approach and I respect that. He didn't slide into my DM's like an asshole saying "I'm the OG Smokes, this is my shit, you're a Make a Wish hire, change your title or I'll fucking bury you". Instead, he slid in my DM's and asked me if I would be open to changing the title of my show for SEO reasons which sounds really smart. So out of respect for Tommy and everything he's done for the company, I couldn't say no. 

So unfortunately, I will be changing the name of my show. It's not something I'm happy about, but it does bring the greatest good to the greatest number.