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Cedar Point Announced A New Rollercoaster Straight Out Of Rollercoaster Tycoon That'll Blow Your Mind

Fox News- Cedar Point announced "Top Thrill 2," its record-breaking replacement of Top Thrill Dragster, on August 1. Top Thrill 2 will open in 2024, said Cedar Point, and will be "the world's tallest and fastest triple-launch strata roller coaster." Cedar Point is located in Sandsusky, Ohio. "With its three distinct launches, increased ride time of nearly two minutes and its second vertical tower, Top Thrill 2 will make its mark on roller coaster history and redefine the famous Cedar Point skyline," said Cedar Point in a press release announcing Top Thrill 2.

Oh HELL YES! This may shock you as someone with the build of a manatee, but growing up I absolutely LOVED rollercoasters. I was terrified of them and the whole idea of flipping until one fateful day Steven Tyler's beautiful vocals inspired to go on Rock N' Roller coaster at Disney and became hooked. Starting hitting our local Six Flags in Jersey all the time and was going to different parks like Old Dominion, Busch Gardens, and more all the time. Even starting playing Rollercoaster Tycoon constantly on my desktop in an effort to build the best virtual amusement park possible.

And this new coaster over at Cedar Point? This is something directly out of the mind of me making my rollercoaster emporium, BUT only if it was back then. As an elderly 27-year-old I cannot IMAGINE doing a coaster that's basically a double kingda ka just going up and down with nothing else though as an 8th grader? That thing would have been worthy of a pilgrimage from me solely for how absurd it looks. Now I'm more of a no loops, just classic normal slow climb up along with a few drops and I'm all set on that. Nothing Kinga Ka-like nowadays for this old man.