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With The College Football Season Rapidly Approaching, Here Are The Top 5 Team Entrances That Will Give You GOOSEBUMPS

Scott Taetsch. Getty Images.

When it comes to football I'm an NFL > College Football guy every single day of the week. Simply because the product is better, and it's a lot easier to bet on. However, college football has something that the NFL never will, tradition. 

Here's my top 5 college football entrances:

5. Ohio State vs Michigan Tunnel Beef

I know this isn't an "entrance" but I absolutely live for shit like this. Arguably the greatest rivalry in all of sports walking towards the tunnel at the same time is fucking insane. My favorite part of the video isn't the players but the Coach in the white Michigan Visor. Look at him!! He was 5 seconds away from throwing a haymaker, this is football!!

4. Florida State

I hate Florida State with every ounce in my body, but this entrance is one of the best traditions in college football. As someone who went to FSU my freshman year of college, I can tell you first hand that "The Chop" will have you ready to go to fucking war.

3. South Carolina

If this doesn't have you ready to run through a wall, I don't know what to tell you. There's just something special about having 78,000 people jumping up in down in perfect harmony. I'd give my left nut to be a player running out of the tunnel and seeing this.

2. Penn State

The Penn State white out gets me every single fucking time. I can't help it. My pops and I LOVE football, it's really the only thing we have in common, and to be honest with you, it's all we need. My favorite part of watching big games with him is looking over and seeing him get emotional during a walk out like this. I can't even blame him, I've started to do the same thing.

1. Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Sandman is poetic justice. Hands down the best entrance in college football. I'm not going to say much, just enjoy it.