You Think Cardi B Cares About Being a Suspect For Battery? Her Grinding All Over Offset In A Vegas Pool Says Otherwise

I think the safe answer to my question in the above title is no, Cardi B does not care about being a current suspect for battery. Instead she's twerking all over Offset's dick on the top of some Vegas building. Must be nice. If I was a suspect for battery I'm almost certainly hiding in my house thinking about all the different scenarios my life is about to end. There's a chance I give myself an aneurysm or a seizure with how fast my mind would be racing.  Cardi and Offset are just hanging out at the pool filming a music video that may or may not be the intro to a porno. Being rich sounds sweet. 

In case you live under a rock this is the video that has gotten Cardi B in all sorts of controversy. 

Now did she hit her actual target? Did she miss? I still believe she got the person she was aiming for if you slow it down, but who really knows? 

Supposedly the woman who didn't throw the drink has filed a report to the police claiming she was the one who got hit. 

Now originally I was team Cardi because I think it's insane how fans just throw shit at performers nowadays without a care in the world. This new video leads me to think otherwise. 

If she's actually asking people to throw water on her and someone throws water on her then how is there anyone on Cardi B's side? I guess maybe it wasn't water? Doesn't look like she had enough time to figure that out before the mic toss. If the person suing her is actually the person hit and Cardi B asked to have water tossed on her then this is the easiest lawsuit ever, no? 

In other news, the Yankees are the only team to this moment who haven't made a trade in baseball. That's led me to the Cardi B beat. Things are great.