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Mike Tomlin Is Just Like All Of Us - Wants The NFL To Put The Week 5 Jets/Broncos Game On National TV After They Spent The Weekend Talking Shit

Finally. I was waiting for someone outside of the Broncos/Jets to chime in about the shit talking. I didn't expect it to be Mike Tomlin and I hate agreeing with a Steeler, but here we are. Put it on national TV. It's been far too long since we had two teams truly hate each other. I don't care if it's the Jets/Broncos and it makes no sense outside of Nathaniel Hackett, we need some hate back in rivalries again. The best rivalries are even the ones you don't expect. 

Sean Payton can try to duck comments now, but it's too late. My only hope is we get some true hate and spite played out here 

We're not past it, Sean, not at all. You know why? Because you were the one who started it all by saying Nathaniel Hackett had one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL last season. You tried to prop yourself up by saying, hey, look at this shit show I inherited. Not my fault if we stink again! What you probably didn't expect was everyone to run with it. Maybe he forgot he plays the Jets this year, who knows. But this is all just going to get rehashed come week 5. 

So, yeah, Tomlin is right. Put this game on national TV. Right now it's scheduled for 4:25, same time as KC/Minnesota, Cincinnati/Arizona and Philly/Rams. Well time to use that flex deal. Get the Dallas/49ers game off SNF and move this there. We see that Dallas/Niners game every year. I don't need to see the Cowboys win and everyone start to buy into them only for them to fail again like the last 3 decades. I also don't need to see Dak stink it up and the 49ers win. Let that happen at 4 and give us Sunday Night Football with Sean Payton nervous as hell.