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DeVonta Smith's Footwork Is All The Proof You Need That Alien Contact Has Been Made

There's been a lot of chatter about aliens lately. With where we're at as a society right now, plenty of folks are thinking the release of this information has been strategically timed just to be a cover up for something more...nefarious. And I get it. It seems like every day the government is giving you more and more reason to not believe a word they say. 

But upon further review of DeVonta Smith running through this ladder drill? Well it's true that aliens are among us, and one of them wears #6 in green on Sundays. 

I mean how on Earth do you expect anybody to believe that this is human. I know it doesn't mean much coming from a blogger, but I just can't comprehend the idea that DeVonta Smith and myself are of the same world. Either he's the alien or I am, but either way we are not the same. Just look at the timestamp on this bitch. 

2-seconds and he's gone. He was still moving at a pretty good speed coming out of the ladder, too, but it looked like he was moving in slow motion. This man has figured out how to hit the fast-forward button in real life. Two seconds. That's all it'll take and then you can build a Walmart between the separation DeVonta Smith gets from his defender. Good lord. 

By the way--I'm sure there will be a few folks out there who think all it'll take it DeVonta Smith getting hit hard one time to break. Sure, he might be a slim dude. But let's not forget the fact that he has a baby on the way. Dad Strength is loading. Combine the dad strength with that speed? Good luck ever stopping the Slim Reaper.