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The Suns Seem To Have Done The Impossible And Actually Nailed Their New Alternate Jersey Redesign

One thing I never really understood is how every season it always felt like teams that had a new jersey redesign always ended up with something that was rather ugly. It's as if nobody with eyes would design these things. That was especially disheartening when it was a franchise that had incredible throwbacks back in the day. Just go with what works! All the futuristic shit we've seen in recent seasons never really plays as strong as the classics. I never understood why they didn't just slightly update the old throwbacks and instead tried to push something that was never going to catch on.

For the Suns, they've always had that challenge because in my opinion, their classic old school jersey is arguably one of the best looking jerseys in the history of the league. You know, this one (shoutout Dan Marjele). Every 90s kid had a classic Suns jersey I feel like, it didn't matter who your favorite team was. They were that iconic.

Rocky Widner. Getty Images.

For my money, it doesn't get much better than that. Why you would ever go away from this design is beyond me, so right off the bat the fact that the 2023 Suns are embracing this look combined with some new age updates gets two giant thumbs up from me. It's certainly better than the Icon and Association jerseys we saw last year from the Suns, and as we know the first step to playing well is looking good. 

Given that this is a brand new era of Suns basketball ranging from a new owner who is hell bent on saying "fuck those picks" and "fuck the supposed 2nd apron of the new CBA" and is throwing around money like no Suns fan has ever seen before given what they lived through with Robert Sarver to now getting a full season of KD to bringing in Bradley Beal, it's only right that this era has it's own look. The fact that the Suns are title contenders means to me that you have to nail your jersey redesign. You can't have all this momentum heading into the season with all that talent and expectations and then drop the ball when it comes to the updated jersey. 


If I were a Suns fan I would already love this new owner given everything he's done in his short stint already, but he clearly understands where his bread is buttered when it comes to what fans love when it comes to Suns jerseys. Just give us the classics, and if you want to update it slightly, cool. 

Now of course, I'm not going to put these in the same class as say, the Purple Raptors throwback, or the Hornets Pinstripe Throwback or the Grizzlies teal throwback, let's not get crazy. But year after year of seeing what disaster teams come up with, maybe more teams will take the Suns lead here and not try and reinvent the wheel. 

All I know is however confident you may have been about the Suns title chances for this era, I feel like you have to bump it up slightly now that we know they are going to be rocking this look. They nailed it.