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Angel Hernandez Celebrated His Return To MLB As Only He Could: Missing One Of The Easiest Calls You've Ever Seen

Angel Hernandez umpired his first MLB game of the season on Monday night after dealing with an undisclosed medical issue. And if you were worried that he wouldn't be in midseason form out of the gate, worry no more because Angel is on the loose yet again.

"But Big T," you might say, "It looks kinda close there. Maybe Willy Adames really did miss the tag."

Ah, ok. In fairness to Hernandez, Adames did only have like 95 percent of his brown glove on Alex Call's white pants, so you can see how that call could easily be missed.

Honestly, though, I'm glad we have Angel Hernandez back. We need a couple guys like him and C.B. Bucknor to realize that most of the umpires you see in Major League Baseball on a nightly basis are really good and that the whackos who shouldn't have jobs umpiring at even the high school level are few and far between. I don't want very many of them, but they're the exceptions that prove the rule.

I'm glad to see Angel is healthy. Just don't put him on a Braves postseason series, please.