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Hockey Tough: Philly Traffic Anchor Bob Kelly Got Sucker Punched Down The Shore Over The Weekend, Returns To The Air Less Than 48 Hours Later

Inquirer -- Fox 29 traffic anchor Bob Kelly is recovering after being assaulted during an event at the Jersey Shore on Sunday, sources with knowledge of the incident told The Inquirer.

The longtime Philadelphia TV fixture was emceeing a party at Oar House Pub in Sea Isle City when a young man filmed himself pouring beer on Kelly’s shoulder and head, according to sources with knowledge of the incident. When Kelly reacted and attempted to swat away the beer, sources said the man filming punched him in the face.

Bob Kelly is a legend around these parts. There hasn't been a traffic build up in the greater Philadelphia area in the past 20 years that Bob Kelly didn't know about. There's never been a need for anyone in Philly to download an app like Waze because when you need to know which streets to avoid, you can always count on Bob Kelly. 

So the fact that some little shit head would sucker punch him in Sea Isle over the weekend is the most disrespectful, asinine behavior I could ever imagine. All for a TikTok challenge? I'll tell ya what--there's never been a generation of youths who need to get their asses kicked more than the current one. Knowing how things work, this little prick will probably get off with just a stern talking to. Makes me sick. 

But the real story here is that Bob Kelly is tough as nails. There was another Bob Kelly in Philadelphia long before the traffic anchor. Bob "The Hound" Kelly was one of the most feared enforcers in the NHL during the days of the Broad Street Bullies. 

While there's no relation, it appears traffic anchor Bob Kelly has some of that same hound in him. The man got sucker punched on Sunday, is typically off on summer Monday's anyway, and was right back to work for his Tuesday shift. If this happens to any other traffic reporter in any other city, there's a chance they are missing at least a week of work. But not Bob Kelly. This man has too much JAMMO for that. Way too much heart. He doesn't miss a single shift because he's a dawg. The traffic never stood a chance. 

Seriously though, something needs to happen with these TikTok challenges. Thankfully Bob Kelly didn't suffer any serious injuries, but there are so many different, devastating ways this scenario could have played out. I don't know if you blame the kids, the parents, or TikTok, or whatever. But we need to find a way to cut this shit out quickly.