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Couple Pays $1300 To Join The Mile High Club, Documents The Experience For TikTok

In the 1% of 1% chance I am ever presented with the opportunity to join the Mile High Club, there's not a doubt in my mind that me and the lucky lady who made the ill-informed decision to bang me would be working around a commercial airline bathroom like we were Tommy Boy:

It'd be awkward and there's no chance in hell I'd be able to muster enough "energy" to get to the point where we have to make the stroll to Walgreens for that magical little pill the next morning. 

I'd never be in a position to make love on one of these beds from 1000s of feet in the air…

…and that's because I'm a poor. But I'm also not the most graceful person, as one could easily deduce after watching the gum video, Dozen matches, or most recently, the velcro video. There's not a doubt in my mind I'd kick that side door open and myself and my lover would be sucked out of the door and fall to our deaths naked as can be.

And for that reason…

Giphy Images.

Whoever the lucky guy is that's the other "half" of this video sure is lucky though. His girl looks… 

…smart. Not kidding either. They (he, probably) paid $1300 for 45 mins in the air on the love plane. Sounds like a lot of money just to get laid in a bed that's probably been fucked on hundreds of other times, right? 

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That's a business expense for them, bitch. Write that shit off on your taxes and you get that money back. At least I'm pretty sure how that works, not completely positive on taxes and all that hubbub. Nevertheless, she's garnished almost 8 million views, so I'm sure the video paid for itself anyways.

Good for this couple. Good for Caitlyn. A+ content, I gotta say: