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This Guy Who Lives Literally Under The Subway Tracks Has The Worst Bedroom In NYC


You know what I think is more egregious than that apartment? The fact someone would move into that apartment. Once you decide that's where you want to live, it's all on you buddy. Nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to move into the literal worst bedroom in NYC, that was his decision. So I don't want to hear a peep of complaining from him- he probably got a great deal on the place and decided "you know, it's not so bad". Turns out living under the railroad track IS so bad. I've never seen a worse apartment in my life and I lived in Washington Heights and Harlem. I lived in terrible apartments...but none had a god damn train running through it, similar to your mom's house.

I'll say this though, it truly is a coinflip to get a good spot in NYC. I lived in a walkup in Murray Hill and it was great. Quiet, no neighbor noises, great roof. But it was tiny and I outgrew it so I moved.

My next apartment was a doorman building in NoMad where I lived next to a meth addict and that was not so great. I mean I loved the apartment and location but you don't get to meet the neighbors and learn about the smell of meth coming through the walls during the 2 minute open house. You just have to assume when you pay a bazillion dollars on rent there isn't a psychopath next door who looks like an extra in the Walking Dead. But I lost that coinflip, so I moved instead of being murdered. (That woman had a ton of other issues that I won't get into, it's all very sad and fucked up.)

And now I live in an apartment in Hell's Kitchen which I think is my least favorite neighborhood in the City. My apartment is fine, but the ceilings are so thin, so I hear the man above me stomping around his apartment every night from like 11pm-2am. I don't know what he could possibly be doing. Like, sit down dude. But he stomps around every single night, it's madness.

So I say all that to say you never really know what you're going to get in NYC...but that dude 1000000% knew he was living on the Subway tracks. You have to control what you can control and at least give yourself a CHANCE to have a normal apartment. Yeah you'll have loud neighbors here and there, and maybe one of them will be cooking crystal meth and you'll get slightly addicted to it through the walls, but at least it's not a train that runs 24 hours a day. So yeah, it could always be worse. #Perspective