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Kendrick Perkins Living It Up This Summer By Getting Ejected At A Kids AAU Tournament In Las Vegas, Crying To The Tournament Director

I'm not going to do what you expect just because Kendrick Perkins was a Celtic who loves to talk. Oh no, I fully respect the move here from Kendrick Perkins. This is a competitor through and through. He's also self-aware going right for the Tournament Director and demanding that he stays. You think Kendrick Perkins flew all the way out to Las Vegas to get ejected and leave early? Think again ref, who is making like $12 to help out at a Vegas AAU Tournament. You think you can give a couple technicals to Kendrick Perkins and kick him out of the gym? Try again, pal. 

I will make fun of Perkins for this. What the fuck do you mean 'you didn't care' that you lost the game? Uhh, the whole point of playing is to win, listen to Herm Edwards one time for me. I get you're pissed off but this isn't the Kendrick Perkins show. You're the coach! You should be living that your guys lost the game, even if you're part of the reason why. 

That said, going to the tournament director is fucking hilarious. I can't get over the look of Perkins looking around and calling for him to come down to save him. Just an unreal look from a giant of a human being pleading and begging to not leave. I can't wait to get kicked out of one of my son's AAU games in a few years. That's half the fun in being a parent right? You get to mouth off, get kicked out and make the entire event all about you reliving the glory days. Those refs have no idea what's waiting for them.