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You Know All Those Terrible EDM Remixes Of Classic EMO And Pop Punk Songs DJ's Play At All These Big Festivals? Well It Turns Out Bands Like "Yellowcard" Don't Hate Hearing Them. They Actually Enjoy Them.

Chelsea Lauren. Getty Images.

So there's been this epidemic as I call it of classic 90s and 2000s songs being butchered by EDM producers and DJs.

Just people out there taking something that isn't broken, not in the least bit, and finding a need to try and fix it.

The result 90% of the time is horrific, as exemplified above.

I assumed that the bands responsible for these awesome classic songs cringed everytime they heard them, but I was in fact incorrect on that as Ryan Key from Yellowcard informed us when we interviewed him last week.

We also asked Ryan about the honor of being on what was one of the most cutting-edge, and greatest video game soundtracks of all time, Madden 2004.

It was a great interview and Ryan's a great guy, happy to be back on the road with his bandmates playing music. 

Check them out on tour when they stop in your city.