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There's No Better Part Of The Fantasy Football Offseason Than Buying Into Upside Wide Receivers Based On Twitter Clips



It's officially fantasy football "get irrationally hyped about a wide receiver" season and I'm here for all of it with every part of my being except my pants. I may be a stats guy, but I'm also a film guy. I just don't bother watching the boring stuff.  All of the above clips and beat reporter notes were from today alone, but let's add a few more drool makers from last week to the party:

You might not be as impressed with that snag from Davis as I am. But if you read my blog on favorite bad boy wide receivers to get fooled again by, you know he's my main man I'm sticking by now that Will Fuller can't hurt me anymore.


You'll notice none of these names are from the elite blue chip wide receivers. These are the guys with some checkered pasts. The bad boys. There's something so exciting about having an eye for these bad boy wide receivers. But not the Dennis Rodman type of bad boy. Moreso the type that's risky to count on in your fantasy lineup because you know you either hit big or get a major dude. 

As a proud member of the anti zero-RB traditionalists, names like Keenen Allen, DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley and (heart skips a beat) Gabe Davis absolutely have me convinced I can get a bargain on some guys that have top-12 wide receiver upside to pair with my three down work horse running backs who will be in the repair shop by Week 6 and salvaged by Week 12. 

Even Justyn Ross has my eye. Dude was one of the highest regarded wide receivers before sustaining an injury, is on a team with the most skilled quarterback in the history of the game, and is competing with wanna be has beens. How do you not love the opportunity here? Even Chase Claypool as a freebie late in drafts can be a nice side piece to stash if and when things don't work out. I just want them all!

Maybe it's just me - but I only ever get this feeling with wide receivers. I don't know - probably due to always investing in running backs at the top of drafts, but I always think I can make it work if I take a chance on a young up and comer or give some of the older guys one more final final last chance at redemption. I'm like the Bucs with Antonio Brown. Or the state of California with felony convicts. 

I've tried with other positions too. I also mentioned how Kyle Pitts basically fits this motif from the tight end position in the posted blog above. But I gotta tell ya - he's just not my type.

It's not him. It's not me either. It's his quarterback. Yikes. 

So yeah, wide receivers are my kink. Of course, as a Josh Gordon owner of every post-suspension season, I know how this game goes. I just need to figure out how to pick a few of these guys I'm gonna buy meme stocks in and god help me if a new shiny suitor with a lot of potential and elite quarterback strolls by me on the time line. 


Fuck. I should put on some pants. 

- Jeffro