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Breadcrumbs Have Been Dropped Insinuating The Davante Adams Will Be A Jet Soon

Jason Hanna. Getty Images.

At the end of the day, Davante Adams will likely go down as the best Receiver in a star studded 2014 pass catcher class that included Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, and Sammy Watkins. He played the first eight years of his career with Aaron Rodgers and 669 catches 8,121 yards and 73 TDs. But last off-season, he was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders and reunited with his old college buddy, Derek Carr.

Adams had a big year with Carr hauling in 100 catches for 1,516 yards and 14 TDs, but Carr is long gone after being dealt to the New Orleans Saints. His replacement is a noodle armed Quarterback that has completed 15 or more games just twice in six seasons with the 49ers. So understandably, Adams is likely not pumped about going from Rodgers to Carr to Jimmy G. This isn't what he signed up for. And a trade request was recently surfaced by a non-normal NFL newsbreaker, Craig Carton. It hasn't been substantiated, but let's add some things up. 

Recently, in New York New Jersey, Aaron Rodgers has given back $35 million dollars over the next two years. Upon making his return to dipping the quill, Peter King wrote something interesting today. 

Big names move at the trade deadline now? The timing of everything is interesting because training camp just started last week for a lot of teams. Normally once camp starts, rosters are set for the most part. It's very difficult to learn a new offense mid-season. UNLESS you've already run that offense! 

The Jets Offensive Coordinator is Nathaniel Hackett, who was the Packers Offensive Coordinator from 2019 - 2021, the height of Adams' power. So presumably he could hop in and pick things up rather quickly. 

So Aaron Rodgers just took $35 million less dollars on a contract he signed a few months ago?

Davante Adams may want out of Las Vegas because they're in a rebuild?

Aaron Rodgers mentions big names could be moved at the deadline?