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This Video Showing One Second From Every Episode Of Seinfeld Somehow Perfectly Sums Up A Decade Of Television Greatness

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Bravo! Magnificent! Wonderful!!!

I know that Seinfeld is a show about nothing. But being able to pretty much perfectly sum up each episode of perhaps the greatest sitcom in television history with a one second clip and yada yada yada the other 23 minutes or so is truly fascinating stuff. At least it is to me. We are definitely at a point in time where a bunch of Barstool readers not only haven't watched Seinfeld but have no clue exactly what the show was all about or how it was a pop culture phenomenon back when the entire world watched TV shows at the same time and NBC had Thursday night on lockdown. However as an Old that was there for everything, let me tell you that the hype was real and spectacular.

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Speaking on NBC, I still cannot believe I lost the Dogwalk TV Channels draft despite having two channels that owned actual days of the week (NBC Must See Thursdays and RedZone on NFL Sunday) along with the late nights of every teenager that had hormones rushing through his body with an eagle eye that could spot a nipple through the squiggly lines of Spice.

Also I did a quick search on this Michael Warburton fella's X account (fuck you Elon for making that a thing) and he seems to have given the One Second treatment to three other shows, which feels like a hell of a task to pull no matter how great the source material is. So saddle up and burn a few more minutes off your work day with these three classics. Two if you are like me and bailed on Better Call Saul after the first few seasons.