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Jalen Hurts Set His Lock Screen To Him Losing The Super Bowl As Motivation And Unfortunately I Don't See Him Changing It Any Time Soon

Jalen Hurts was shown in this video during a team meeting that his lock screen is him losing the Super Bowl. I never understand why people do this because it isn't hard to remember you lost the Super Bowl. The Eagles also aren't going to win the Super Bowl for a long time, so does he never change his lock screen ever again? And why do you need your lock screen to remind you? Just make it your dog like everyone else.

Jalen Hurts was amazing last year. He threw the ball better than anyone thought he could. He has the best receiving core in the NFL but this is the year he has a lot to prove. Defenses are way more aware of him and how he plays the position. So that being said, I think Jalen is going to have a down year and all Eagles fans will freak out. People have been very quick to put him in the top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL but I don't think he will fully recreate the magic he had last season. The Eagles fans will rip him apart once he goes on a decline and it is going to be sad to watch. He will still be a top 15 quarterback but not top 3 like everyone thinks he is. Unfortunately Jalen will have this lock screen for a long time and it is sad to see.