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Bijan Robinson Is Absolutely COOKING Defenders At Falcons Training Camp

Giphy Images.


Man, I really need Desmond Ridder to be halfway decent, because this offense could be something special. Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Cordarrelle Patterson and now what it looks like Bijan Robinson would be talked about as one of the best groups in the NFL if they were on any one of 25 teams.

I'm not envious of the expectations Robinson has after being drafted eighth overall — something he had no control over — but it looks so far like he's going to be an absolute weapon. And with all the different ways Arthur Smith has found to use Patterson, I'm excited to see how Robinson is utilized throughout the season. Based on this clip, I want to see him lined up in the slot just as often as he's in the backfield.

I know all of this will ultimately be inconsequential as the Falcons will have 13 fourth quarter leads and still go 6-11, but it's fun to think about. I'm taking Robinson to win Offensive Rookie of the Year at +300, though. That's only going down.