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OFFICIAL: The Final MLB Power Rankings Before Tuesday's Trade Deadline

Couple big things from the power rankings: 

- The Red Sox are so close. SO SO close to breaking through. They're unfortunately 2-2 over their last 4 total series, which includes dropping 2 of 3 to the Athletics. If they held against the Giants, we're probably arguing them at the 9 spot harder. 

- The Cubs advanced metrics suggest they're much, much better. The 6th best run differential in MLB. One of the most consistent pitching staffs in the NL and arguably one of the biggest benefactors of rule changes. I have a lot more to say about their trade deadline. For now, I think they've safely played their way into the conversation. They've got baseball's 3rd best record over the last 45 games. 15-7 since the 4th of July. Winners of 8/9 and pointing up. 

- The Rangers are 3 but could jump to 2 quickly as the clear AL favorite. The Scherzer trade sounds great. The Eovaldi injury, concerning. This one could go either way. For now, they still sit behind the Orioles after Baltimore's winning weekend over the Yankees.  

- Klemmer likes the Phillies but they've dropped 3 of their last 4 series: Pirates, Guardians and Brewers. But the one win was against the Orioles. So there's a little trade off but not enough. The Phillies must wait another week. 

- Where are the Yankees and when will they be full strength? 

- Blue Jays are here to stay. Mark my words. They're only getting better and I think they play in the ALCS this October. 

- Sorry if someone said mean things about your baseball team this week and that bothers you. It could be worse. 

For example: You could be a White Sox fan craving a long walk to the bottom of lake Michigan. Or a Padres fan waiting for them to turn it around. Or you could be from Tampa, generally. 

Point is there's not reason to let a bad stretch of baseball ruin your spirits. The trade deadline is en route and you'll know within 24-hours exactly how much your owner loves you and wants you to be happy. 

Until then, you can get the Blue Jays +1200 and the Brewers +4000 right now to win the World Series. 

Those are good bets. Follow Barstool Baseball on YouTube for more spirited debate.