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J.T. Poston Cost Himself $260,000 By Going For The Green In Two On 18 Yesterday, Doesn't Care Because He's Not Trying To Finish Second

I know $260,000 is a shit ton of money, but I couldn't love this more from JT Poston. Yeah, go for the win. That's what anyone with a competitive bone in their body would do. It would have taken a little bit of luck by getting on the green, getting an eagle and hoping Lee Hodges fucked up, but it's worth it. What's the point of competing if you're going to roll over and accept 2nd on the 72nd hole? 

Now listen, Poston deserved better. Brutal to hit the rock, fire back to the 3M sign and cost yourself $260,000 but that's golf. You have to decide to go for it or not. He made the right decision, because, again you don't want to roll over and die. It's also why Nate was always 100% right about having the money factor on the screen: 

We're sitting here talking about a $260,000 decision. One that obviously is going through Poston's mind as he's trying to figure out to go for it or not. You 100% think about it, hell even the most amateur golfer thinks about a decision on the 18th hole if a match is on the line. 

Let's not act like winning $590,000 is nothing. I'd happily walk away with $590,000 AND go for the win. That's the whole point of sports. Yeah, money matters, but it's not like he walked away with $0 and lost. So yeah, credit to Poston. We need more people to openly admit they are trying to win. Money matters, but winning is even better. Always, always go for the win.