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Football Guy: Charlotte's Football Coach Stormed Off After Only Being Asked Three Questions At Media Day Because They Were Picked Last In The Polls

I write this with extreme caution because no one was more excited about Charlotte football than me last season. At one point Megan and Kelly were wondering if I went to the school the way I was backing them.


But I love this new coach. First off Biff Pogg is an all time name. Can't be hating on a guy named Biff. Second, you have to love that he's a grudge guy. Football coaches have brains like elephants and can recall minuscule details at the drop of a dime. Look at Sean McVay recalling every play of his career. 

Bill Belichick recalls small rules details and knows how to put them into action, the list goes on and on. Coaches remember every detail, and more so everyone who screwed them over or wronged them along the way. Biff Poggi is like everyone else and is clearly is trying to take names of anyone doubting him. Charlotte was picked dead last in the preseason polls in the Athletic Conference, and the media clearly found them to be such a non factor in the league they could only come up with 3 questions. Biff wasn't happy.


Now listen, do I think Charlotte is going to make a run at this conference absolutely not… but if you are a fan of this team you have to LOVE… absolutely LOVE this is the guy in charge. You don't want a guy taking over the helm and being ok with a 3-9 and thinking he should stay at the status quo. You want a guy coming in and looking to change the culture, you want a guy who's angry, you want a guy who's looking to make an impact. Biff Poggi calling out a room full of reporters and basically stating a claim that they will regret betting against him is a gutsy move, and one you don't do unless you can back it up. You got to love that as a Charlotte player or fan.

Oh crap, did I just talk myself back into Charlotte … again ?