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BMX XGames Fella Completes The Craziest Move These Eyes Have Ever Seen To Win The Gold Medal

I'll be the first to admit that I dont know shit about the XGames. I have no idea if that's the craziest move folks are doing these days or if it's a pretty normal accurance but god damn. I simply do not have any idea how this kinda thing works. How do you control yourself in the air that long and fast? How do you not smash your face into a million pieces trying to learn that move? You cant just look at it on a spreadsheet, give it a go, and then nail it. You gotta be wrecking and crashing hard as fuck over and over and over. 

Now, don't take that as fear because I'm not flippin pussy. I cant do a front flip front bikeflip but I can crush a flip off the diving board. #Athlete