Let's Start A Petition For All Sports To Throw Out The Rulebook When Plays Are Ridiculously Sick Enough

This goal from Josh Byrne in yesterday's Chaos vs Whipsnakes game was most of the most preposterously silly thing I've seen in quite some time. They say that history repeats itself, and for a brief moment yesterday it did. 


The only issue is…well…it wasn't a goal. Because right before Josh Byrne took flight, half of his toe was on the line of the crease. This wasn't called at first, but video replay came in and took the best goal of the season wiped off the board. 

And you know what? Technology has gone too damn far. Back in the good ol' days, you didn't have a million cameras set up at every sporting event to catch every angle of the action in 4k definition. Back in the good ol' days, this goal gets called on the field and everybody who questioned its legitimacy would be told to eat shit and kick rocks. It's time to get back to our roots. 

Which is why I'm starting a petition across all sports to put in a new rule that says as long as a play is sick enough, we can throw the rulebook out the window. It could be a goal like this in lacrosse, it could be a nasty catch in the NFL where half the receiver's one ass check just so happens to land out of bounds before he gets two feet in. It could be a buzzer beater in basketball that gets released maybe a thousandth of a second too late. Either way, it's up to the ref to be the judge here. If the play was sweet and it gets the people going, then just let it happen. In fact, the officials should be able to simply refuse a coach's challenge on a play that kicks this much ass. Keep it moving and let that highlight live on forever. That's what the game is all about anyway. Not breaking down every play frame-by-frame zoomed in at 1000% to see if it was off by half an inch. 

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