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Update: Maybe It Was AI Mona Lisa That Threw Her Bra At Drake



I don't care that this is obviously made up to get clicks for Daily Loud, if you put some cans on the Mona Lisa, I'm on all fours barking at the moon. That's just the simple man I am: I watch sports, I drink coffee, and I howl when I see AI-generated honkers. I keep scrolling back up and laughing because it's so nonsensical in every way. They literally gave the Mona Lisa a brand new face, a top straight out of the Jersey Shore, and a pair of mommy milkers that would win awards at State Fairs around the country. There is as little resemblance to the Mona Lisa as possible...but they have 154,000 "likes" on it so here we are! 

If she was at the Drake concert last night in DC, he's looking for you, Mona, because them thangs are THANGIN.




This is the world we live in now and our future, folks. AI-generated music, movies, and art. Wait til they find a way to put Mommy Milkers Mona in "movies"..my heavens to Betsy.