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Browns Players Get Into A Training Camp Fight Because A Defensive End Slapped An O-Lineman And Then Ran Away

Some people may not respect the move by Ogbo Okoronkwo here. To those I say, you never grew up with a brother. It’s a clear case of being a little brother who wants to fight his older brother. He doesn’t know what to do and the only thing he can muster is a slap. Then he realizes he made a grave mistake. 

As an older brother I understand this. You get filled with the rage of a thousand suns. You probably say something along the lines of ‘oh you little shit.’ That’s when the little brother runs. He doesn’t know to where but oh he runs. 

All in all fair game. Training camp fights are standard. We should be used to them. I just appreciate the slap and run. It’s a move that has been done for ages and one that truly proves who the Browns are as an organization. For that I applaud it.