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Tony Ferguson Just Took His 6th UFC Loss In A Row, But Went Out Like A Badass


Bobby "King" Green just submitted Tony Ferguson with a head-and-arm choke at UFC 291, handing him his 6th loss in a row....

….but I gotta say - El Cucuy fought his ass off until the very end, and went out like a total warrior.

Not only did Tony Ferguson drop Bobby Green in the first round tonight….

….he ate Green's best shots, never looked discouraged or out of the fight, and saw some success with low kicks and level changes!

Don't get me wrong - Bobby Green was pretty much winning and controlling the fight for all three rounds (outside of a few moments here and there) - but Ferguson looked better than he's looked in a WHILE in my eyes. I was thoroughly impressed with that performance and happy he wasn't brutally KO'd Chandler-style again.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Unfortunately, though, one of his signature imanari rolls cost him the fight in the closing moments of the third round, when it allowed Bobby Green to get into position for a head-and-arm choke. 


Tony REFUSED to tap, though, and went out like Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13. He even kicked referee Dan Mirgliotta in the process, literally kicking and screaming before blacking out!

I'd go on, but Derrick Lewis just threw a flying knee in the opening seconds of his fight, which just led to a huge finish/celebration, and I need to blog that right now. I'll see you over in that post.