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The New Eagles Kelly Green Uniforms Have Been Leaked And Oh My Lord Are They Spicy

I just got a weather alert for the greater Philadelphia area. It says to seek shelter immediately, because there's a massive cum storm about to cover the entire city. Call in the National Guard to evacuate the city because there's going to be at least 5-6' of ejaculate everywhere. 

All Eagles fans have wanted for years was to bring back the kelly green. Well that, plus a franchise quarterback. And a great group of receivers. And a top tier tight end. And a solid running game. Plus an elite offensive line. And a defense that can get off the field on 3rd and long. And a coach we can believe in. And a general manager who constantly makes out like a bandit in trades. But once we got all those other things, all we've wanted was kelly green uniforms. And holy tits are these spicier than we could have ever asked for. 


Clean. That's the leading factor on these uniforms. I'm a firm believer that less is more when we're dealing with uniform design. It's so easy for teams these days to get carried away with a crazy design like they're shopping at Dan Flashes. Give me a simple uniform with a great color combo over anything. And this is exactly what it looks like. 

I'm still not totally sure what the rules are in the NFL when it comes to alternate uniforms. I know you can only wear them a specific amount of times, and I think only once in the playoffs. Call me crazy but these uniforms need to be a lock for the NFC Championship game over the Super Bowl. You simply do not lose in these jerseys while playing at the Linc. 

Go Birds.