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THIS LEAGUE: The Dolphins Sign Eli Apple To A 1-Year Deal After The Jalen Ramsey Injury And Tyreek Hill Is Already Coming At Him

We don't really have any Dolphins bloggers here besides one Frank The Tank who is busy shaking hands and kissing babies with Dan Marino, so by god that's Karim the AI's music! Is it too late to move Hard Knocks to the Dolphins training camp? That video of Travis Kelce punching his teammate from earlier today is basically just a precursor to what the Tyreek Hill v Eli Apple drama is gonna be. In case you forgot, the Apple vs Hill beef started after the Bengals beat the Chiefs in the 2021 AFC Championship game:

Then Tyreek said this to him last year:

I'm team Tyreek here, so I won't be showing stats from when they faced off and how Eli Apple won the battle. But these guys facing each other in practice every single day is going to be must watch stuff. Bring your popcorn. Stefon Diggs gonna have Eli in hell a couple times this year. I can't wait to see how this whole thing turns out.