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Let's All Wish The Age-Less Wonder Kate Beckinsale A Belated Happy 50th Birthday

Kate Beckinsale turned 50 years old this week. It's a number that makes absolutely no sense when you see her in everyday life. She's an age-less wonder who seems to enjoy the hell out of this little thing we call life. Here she was ripping some karaoke at her bash a few days ago. 

It begs the question how could she still look like this at 50? These are all very recent photos of her. 

Kayla Oaddams. Getty Images.
Kristy Sparow. Getty Images.
NBC. Getty Images.

Other than a soul-exchanging deal with the devil it's hard to fathom. 

Well if we're going to try and make sense of it, for starters she works out which already makes her better than most of us. I barely have enough energy to hit the gym a few times a week (if that). To think I'll be doing that at 50? No shot.

 In all honesty I'm going to be dead by 50, especially if the Yankees offense doesn't get their shit together. I lose my will to live every day I watch this godforsaken team struggle to score.  

Having a 152 IQ definitely helps too. I'd assume that IQ score did not trick her into becoming a Yankees fan. Based on life experience, that decision alone likely saved her lots of hair loss. 

Something that's also helped her stay young? She likes to mix it up when it comes to her lovers. Michael Sheen, Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly, Matt Rife, and her ex-husband Len Wiseman to name a few. Now that could be by choice or…

A quote from Rife that the above article about possibly rekindling his relationship with the actress. “Absolutely not. Not a chance.”

Whether she's a psycho or not, getting to 50 years old is a major milestone and accomplishment. Let's celebrate her.