Give Him The Super Max: Dan Marino Says He's Going To Start Following Barstool Sports Because Of Frank The Tank

Mama there goes that man. The great success story of Frank The Tank continues in what I'm going to solidify as one of the greatest hires this company has done. Dave always has that line of "Jenna Marbles, Alex Cooper, Pat McAfee" but where we're heading that may very well include Frank when it's all said and done. We need to run that infamous PMT interview back now that Frank is out spreading the good word.

I said this last week when Frank needed a police escort out of Yankee Stadium, but there's going to be no scarier place than the negotiation table with Tank for his next contract:

Just look at how happy he is to be meeting Dan:

I'm starting to think political office isn't out of reach for this fella Frank. He already worked for the government once, so maybe when this is all said and done we can see a presidential run. The way he can command a room would surely translate over to some votes. But the Tank story is one that that seemingly has no end because there's no way on God's green earth we'll ever see a Dolphins or Mets championship, so he's Barstool for life. That's good for all of us.

It's always great to see Tank smiling, so I'm leaving you with the thumbnail of this blog in its full Louvre form:

I love this shit.